Niharika Konedela Crazy Avatar from What the Fish

The esteemed team behind the much-anticipated project "What The Fish" extends a warm welcome to the charismatic and talented Niharika Konidela as they celebrate her special day. With heartfelt wishes for a happy birthday, the team anticipates witnessing Niharika's stellar portrayal, promising audiences an enthralling experience at the cinemas.
Under the directorial prowess of an innovative filmmaker, the film is set to present Niharika in a completely new and dynamic persona, ensuring a portrayal that resonates with the audience. Alongside a talented cast including Varun, Vennela Kishore, and others, the film, backed by 6ix Cinemas, seeks to deliver an immersive and entertaining cinematic journey. With the collaboration of visionary minds like Vishal Bezawada, Vasundhara, Surya Bezawada, and Shaktikanth contributing to this venture, "What The Fish" is poised to bring forth a unique and engaging narrative, promising a delightful rendezvous at the theaters.

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