Sohel's Bootcut Balaraju Teaser

The vibrant and laughter-laden teaser of "Bootcut Balaraju" is now making waves, offering a sneak peek into an upcoming comedy extravaganza. Featuring a stellar cast including Syed Sohel Ryan, Meghalekha, Sunil, Siri Hanmanth, Indraja, Avinash, Saddam, and Vivek from 'Kotha Bangaru Lokam,' this movie is set to be a riot of hilarity and entertainment. Produced under the banners of Global Films and Katha Veruntadhi by Md. Pasha with co-producers Pandu and Mamidishetty Srinivas, the film brings together a creative team led by director Sree Koneti, DOP Shyam K Naidu, music director Bheems Ceciroleo, editor Vijay Vardhan, and art director Vithal Kosanam. With an ensemble of talented choreographers like Prem Rakshith, Shekar VJ, Bhanu, and Vijay Binni, the teaser hints at a blend of uproarious performances, promising an uproarious cinematic experience that is bound to tickle the audience's funny bones.

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