90’s - A Middle Class Biopic Streaming on ETV Win

In a heartwarming portrayal of a quintessential middle-class household, Raghu navigates life's intricacies alongside his family, including the stern yet caring math teacher-cum-father, Shekar, the nurturing homemaker Sobha Rani, and the mischievous youngest member, Aditya. Amidst the labyrinth of academic pressures, the journey of coming-of-age, and the weight of financial responsibilities, audiences are invited to laugh, cry, and forge an emotional connection with Shekar's family, resonating with the relatable nuances of everyday life.
This touching narrative, woven into the fabric of familial bonds, features a talented ensemble cast including Shivaji, Vasuki, Mouli, Rohan, Vasanthika, and Snehal. Guided by the vision of director Aditya Hassan and bolstered by the creative contributions of Naveen Medaram and Rajshekar Medaram, this cinematic creation is an ode to the simplicity and depth found in the daily lives of a typical middle-class family. With Azeem Mohammad capturing the essence through cinematography and Suresh Bobbili's evocative musical score, the film promises to offer an immersive journey into the joys, struggles, and unbreakable bonds that define Shekar's household.

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