Samadhi Pre Look Poster

The veil of anticipation lifts as the pre-look of the enigmatic and eerie venture, "Samadhi," emerges, teasing a world veiled in mystery and horror. With glimpses of a place shrouded in chilling secrecy and a haunting ambiance, this cinematic journey promises an exploration into the realms of suspense and terror, setting the stage for an immersive and spine-tingling experience.
"Dhimahi Cinemas" presents this highly anticipated tale, helmed by the visionary ML Raju. As the pre-look unveils the foreboding atmosphere, curiosity surges about the narrative that lies within. With a cast and crew helmed by Raj Satya, Vraju, MR Varma, Mandru Ravikumar, Satish Jai, Ajay Shivashankar, and VR Madhu, this promising project heralds an intriguing confluence of talent and narrative mastery, hinting at a cinematic revelation poised to captivate audiences with its mysterious allure.

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