Why Terrorists Kills People?

I Dont Understand why these F**king Terrorists kills people with the bomb attacks, these will be no reson behind their attacks.I dont know what they will get when they kills the innocent people. I searched on web i got some Answers like this...

Question: Why terrorists attacks to kill people?

Answer 1: Because they wanted to spared Islam in whole world . so please kill the heart of terror ( pakistan) until so late.

Answer 2: Some terrorists think they are doing Jihad, that will give them into a
heaven with 72 vigins. Many terrorists become suicide bombers because
they are poor and their families can get money when they die.

Answer 3:Because they want that people should afraid of them & when they
demand anything it should we Fulfilled at once. By kill people they
creates terror in the mind of people.

Answer 4: by killing they make a breaking news and scare the people . The governments has to take decisions fast.

Answer 5: Because they are uncontrolled by any elected Government

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