Who Invented Mobile Phone?

Just Imagine the world with out a mobile? its will be a horrible thought right? then do you know who is the inventor of Mobile?

First Mobile Phone was invented by Dr. Martin Cooper On April 3, 1973 at AT&T's Bell Labs. This mobile is of Motorola Company, After that many companies came into existance like Nokia,Samsung,Iphone,Blackberry,HTC...

Motorola StarTac was the first phone in the world with Vibrating alert function. This was Released in the year 1996

Sharp J-SH04  is the first Camera Mobile integrated 110,000-pixel CMOS image sensorin it , It was released in the year 

Nokia First Mobile is Nokia 5110 released in The Year 1998- Click Here To See

Apple First Mobile was released into market On January 9, 2007

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