MEGA- Telugu movie title teaser | Harsha Sai


Popular YouTuber and philanthropist Harsha Sai, who has millions of followers on social media, is stepping into the world of cinema with a Pan India-level film. Harsha Sai is not only the lead actor in the film but also the writer and director. The movie is being produced by Mitraaw under the banner of Shree Pictures, with Mitraaw herself playing the female lead. Padavala Balachandra serves as the co-producer, and Kalvakuntla Vamshidhar Rao presents the film.

The cast of the movie includes Harsha Sai and Mitraaw. The technical crew comprises Harsha Sai as the writer and director, Mitraaw as the producer, and Shree Pictures as the banner. Padavala Balachandra is the co-producer, and the film is presented by Kalvakuntla Vamshidhar Rao. The cinematography is handled by Karthik Palani, while the music is composed by Vikas Badisa, and Vamsi-Shekar takes care of the film's public relations.

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