Anukunnavanni Jaragavu Konni First Look Poster

In the world of cinema, the name Narayana Rao, popularly known as Narayana Rao, has always been a notable presence. Once a supporting actor in comedy films, he transitioned to become a celebrated director who brought five successful movies to the screen. His influence in the realm of producers was substantial. Subsequently, he adapted his path, astonishingly redefining himself. Even now, he continues to present something fresh, keeping us intrigued with his unique approach.
Narayana Rao has earned admiration for embracing the role of a director, leaving his assistant director days behind. Under the banner of Sri Bharat Arts, his production company, he is working on a movie titled "Anukunnavanni Jaragavu Konni," featuring G. Sandeep as the director and Kalapala Maunikala as the lead pair. Recently, he unveiled the movie's title poster, which was met with great excitement. The enthusiasm surrounding this launch is palpable. Sandeep, who had previously acted in "Silly Fellows," has now taken on the role of an assistant director, marking a new chapter in his journey. With this film, the director Sandeep is eager to introduce himself to the audience. The movie promises to be a success, and the entire team is determined to make a significant mark in the industry, with Sandeep steering the ship as the director.

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