Dhruva Sarja's KD Dasara Special Posters

Dhruva Sarja, one of the prominent actors in the Kannada film industry, is all set to make this Dussehra special with the release of his upcoming movie, "KD - The Devil." The occasion was marked by the release of special posters for the film, heightening the anticipation for what promises to be an exciting addition to the world of Kannada cinema. "KD - The Devil," directed by the talented filmmaker Prem, boasts a star-studded cast, featuring Dhruva Sarja, the legendary V. Ravichandran, Shilpa Shetty, Reeshma Nanaiah, and Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt in pivotal roles. The film's soundtrack is scored by the music maestro Arjun Janya, while the cinematography is handled by William David, with editing by Srinivas P Prabhu. The plot centers around the central jail, where criminals and thugs eagerly await the chance to confront Kaali, the most wanted and infamous gangster. As the movie's release draws nearer, fans of Dhruva Sarja and Kannada cinema alike are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience "KD - The Devil" on the big screen, making this Dussehra a cinematic delight.
Dhruva Sarja, born on October 6, 1988, made his debut in the Kannada film industry in 2012 with "Addhuri" and has since carved a niche for himself with his acting prowess. As the KD Dasara Special Posters hit the public eye, the excitement is palpable, marking the festive season with a promise of thrilling action and drama. This Dussehra, get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience with Dhruva Sarja and his enthralling performance in "KD - The Devil."

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