HanuMan Latest Poster

"HanuMan," the inaugural film from PVCU (PrimeShow Entertainment), is gearing up to take audiences on a thrilling Pan-Indian superhero journey. This much-anticipated film, directed by Prasanth Varma, features Teja Sajja and Amritha Aiyer in the lead roles. With Niranjan Reddy at the production helm, "HanuMan" promises to be an exhilarating cinematic experience.
The film boasts a stellar cast, including Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Vinay Rai, Raj Deepak Shetty, Vennela Kishore, Getup Srinu, and Satya, among others. With music by the talented trio of GowraHari, Anudeep Dev, and Krishna Saurabh, and striking cinematography by Shivendra, "HanuMan" is set to make waves in the superhero genre. The production design, under the expert guidance of Sri Nagendra Tangala, and editing by SB Raju Talari, are poised to enhance the overall cinematic experience. As this film marks a significant milestone for PrimeShow Entertainment, fans and cinephiles are eagerly anticipating the grand unveiling of "HanuMan." With its intriguing superhero narrative and a talented cast and crew, this film is expected to leave a lasting impact in the world of Indian cinema.

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