Krishna Rama Official Trailer

The upcoming ETV Original Movie, 'KrishnaRama,' is all set to bring a heartwarming tale to your screens. The film stars the legendary Rajendra Prasad and the acclaimed Gautami in the lead roles. This touching story explores the dynamics of an 'New Age Old Couple,' bringing forth the timeless charm of love and relationships. With a brilliant ensemble cast, including Ananya Sharma, Ravi Varma, Racha Ravi, and Gemini Suresh in pivotal roles, the film is sure to strike a chord with audiences of all generations. The director, Raj Madiraju, known for his work on 'Rushi,' leads the narrative, promising an emotionally charged cinematic experience.

'KrishnaRama,' produced by Venkata Kiran Kumar Kallakuri under the Adwitiya Movies Private Limited banner, is a family entertainer that embraces the evergreen appeal of love and companionship. With the accomplished Rajendra Prasad and Gautami joining hands, the film has already garnered substantial attention. As this 'New Age Old Couple' takes center stage, the audience can expect a touching, relatable, and delightful cinematic journey. 'KrishnaRama' is scheduled to premiere on October 22nd, promising an emotional rollercoaster that explores the beauty of enduring relationships.

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