Subrahmanyaa Motion Poster

The awakening of divine power is the central theme of the upcoming project titled "Subrahmanyaa." This film presents a compelling narrative focused on a man's profound journey in pursuit of God. The essence of spirituality and enlightenment is beautifully encapsulated in this motion picture. "Subrahmanyaa" is not just an ordinary project; it's an undertaking led by talented individuals who are passionate about their craft. With P. Ravi Shankar at the helm as the director and the combined efforts of Thirumal Reddy, Anil Kadiyala, Raj Thota, Ravi Basur, and a host of other skilled professionals, this cinematic endeavor promises to be a captivating exploration of faith and spirituality. As the Motion Poster reveals, it's an exciting introduction to what is sure to be an engaging and thought-provoking film. Stay tuned for more updates on this spiritual quest as "Subrahmanyaa" prepares to take you on an extraordinary cinematic journey.

Subrahmanyaa Motion Poster (TELUGU)

Subrahmanyaa Motion Poster (KANNADA)

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