Love Mouli Hero Teaser | Navdeep

Posted on Wowrey, the latest unveil from Aditya Music takes center stage with the teaser release of "Love Mouli" from the upcoming film of the same name. Featuring Navdeep as the lead, alongside Pankhuri Gidwani, the movie promises an intriguing narrative crafted under the direction of Avaneendra. With a stellar lineup that includes Govind Vasantha orchestrating the music and Crishna on background score, the movie boasts a creative team comprising Anantha Sriram as the lyricist, Kiran Mamidi in art direction, and Ajay Sivasanker as the choreographer. The film's production, a collaborative effort by Cspace, Nyra Creations, and Srikara Studios, presents a comprehensive portrayal of love entwined with visually captivating elements.
From costume design by Aanshi Gupta to sound design by Dhwani Studios, "Love Mouli" encompasses a diverse spectrum of talent behind the scenes. This teaser release sets the stage for a promising venture, anticipating a blend of romance, drama, and musical prowess, all coming together under the banner of Aditya Music.

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