Oka Madi Song from Dhruva Nakshathram releasing tomorrow

In the harmonious world of Dhruva Nakshathram, a new musical gem is about to shine. The upcoming song, titled "Oka Madi," is set to enchant listeners with its melodic composition. Composed by the renowned Harris Jayaraj, this musical masterpiece is poised to capture hearts with its soulful tunes. Directed by Gautham Menon and produced by Ondraga Entertainment, the movie promises to be a visual and auditory treat for cinema enthusiasts.
Mark your calendars as the musical journey begins with the release of "Oka Madi" tomorrow. Ritu Varma, the lead actress, adds charm to this musical narrative, making it an eagerly anticipated element of the Dhruva Nakshathram experience. Stay tuned to Wowrey for more updates on this musical revelation and follow Wowrey for a curated collection of entertainment news. Experience the magic of Dhruva Nakshathram, where music transcends boundaries, and emotions find expression in the harmony of D Major.

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