Parent Teacher Meeting Ft. Nani and Kiara - Promotional Video

Immerse yourself in the delightful pandemonium of a parent-teacher meeting, where the charming presence of Natural Star Nani and the endearing Baby Kiara takes center stage! This heartwarming encounter, a part of the much-anticipated film "Hi Nanna," promises to capture the essence of familial bonds and the amusing dynamics of parenthood. Set for release on December 7th, this cinematic journey marks an endearing portrayal of relationships and promises an engaging narrative that resonates with audiences. "Hi Nanna," featuring Nani and Baby Kiara, is gearing up to enchant viewers with its portrayal of everyday moments that carry profound emotions. This film, directed by a talented team including Mrunal, Shourya, Hesham A. W., S.J. Varughese, Art Kolla, Mohan, Dr. Teegala, and produced under the banners of Vyra Ents in association with T-Series and T-Series South, is poised to captivate audiences with its endearing narrative. As the release date approaches on December 7th, anticipation builds for an emotional and relatable cinematic experience that showcases the tender nuances of family life. Posted by Wowrey, follow for more updates like this.

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