Jorugaa Husharugaa Official Trailer

Introducing the much-awaited trailer of 'Jorugaa Husharugaa,' promising an immersive cinematic journey filled with love, family dynamics, and captivating emotions. Scheduled for a theatrical release on December 15th, this movie showcases a heartwarming story that combines the essence of love, emotion, and comedic moments. Starring Viraj Ashwin and Pujita Ponnada in leading roles, directed by Anu Prasad, and produced by Nireesh Thiruveedula This film is expected to deliver an amalgamation of emotions that resonate with audiences of various tastes. The ensemble cast, including Sonu Thakur, Siri Hanumanthu, Madhunandan, Sai Kumar, Rohini, and Brahmaji, promises a performance-driven narrative set to captivate viewers. With Praneeth Muzic's soulful melodies complementing the visuals, Marthand K Venkatesh's editing finesse, and Mahi Reddy Pandugula's cinematography, this movie seems poised to offer an engaging and visually stunning cinematic experience.
Under the banners of Shikhara & Akshara Arts LLP, 'Jorugaa Husharugaa' is not just a film but a portrayal of intricate emotions and human connections. The collaboration of Annapurna Studios for DI and Aditya Music for audio ensures an elevated audio-visual treat. With an intriguing storyline and a talented team contributing to its making, this movie seems poised to resonate with audiences seeking a refreshing blend of emotions and entertainment. Stay tuned as 'Jorugaa Husharugaa' gears up to hit the big screens, promising an unforgettable journey through love, family, and a rollercoaster of emotions that audiences won't want to miss.

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