Mahathi first look poster

The dedicated team behind the creation of #Mahathi expresses profound gratitude to the multifaceted media platforms across print, electronic, web, and YouTube for their invaluable support. Their collective effort in illuminating the unveiling of the first-look poster and the ceremonious inauguration has been instrumental in casting a spotlight on this promising venture.
Led by a visionary ensemble including Sandeep Madhav, Deepshikha, and others, the gratitude extends to the diligent efforts of individuals like Teju, and the patronage of institutions such as Sri Padmini Cinemas. Their collective support amplifies the anticipation surrounding this project, highlighting the unity and collaboration essential for the success of a creative endeavor. The acknowledgment bestowed upon these media outlets signifies the power of collaborative synergy and the pivotal role media plays in propelling artistic creations into the limelight, ensuring a wider audience awaits the forthcoming narrative of #Mahathi.

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