Details About PAN Card Structure ?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) which is Issued by the INCOME TAX INDIA has a ten-digit alphanumeric identifier. This PAN Card is varied into three Type One is individual, firm, And company This PAN Card structure will be in this format. 1-5 field are alpha(A to Z), 6-9 field are numeric(0-9) And 10 field is alpha(A-Z)

4th Letter of the PAN Number Shows the assessee status, if it is "P" then its a Individual PAN Card, If it is a "C" then its a Compay, "T" for trust, "F" for Firm and "B" for Body of Individual, Association of persons will be indicated as "A", HUF="H", Local authority:"L", Govt.="G" and judicial artificial person:"j"

Fifth field of PAN denoted the Sur Name of the individual, For Example Ramesh Addepalli (individual) 4th field will be "A", In case of Firm the first letter of First name of Company will be printed on the PAN card, For Example For HDFC Bank, The 5th Letter will be "H"

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