Funny : This is Not A Review of Linga


Rajinikanth's Lingaa: This is the Complete Things that consists of Linga Movie which is Explained in a hilarious way in Website. Just Copy pasting the Same Article from the Original Source

  • Rajinikanth romanced two heroines. One third his age (approx).
  • Rajinikanth beat up Rajinikanth number of villains.
  • Rajinikanth looked like a future version of Rajinikanth.
  • Rajinikanth sang duets.
  • Rajinikanth lip-synced AR Rahman songs.
  • Rajinikanth looked young and beautiful.
  • Rajinikanth played double roles.
  • Rajinikanth danced.
  • Rajinikanth walked.
  • Rajinikanth took off Rajinikath's jacket. Several times.
  • Rajinikanth set fire.
  • Rajinikanth did aerobic-style dance steps.
  • Rajinikanth dreamt. Of dancing. In London, Brazil and Philippines.
  • Rajinikanth made a sting operation successful.
  • Rajinikanth twirled his hair.
  • Rajinikanth chewed up a spy cam.
  • Rajinikanth wore blue shades. And yellow. And green.
  • Rajinikanth did a Pirates of the Caribbean dream sequence.
  • Rajinikanth Cowboyed a dance sequence.
  • Rajinikanth blew apart a space station.
  • Rajinikanth broke into a temple.
  • Rajinikanth stared down a snake.
  • Rajinikanth read Joseph Campbell's The hero with a thousand faces.
  • Rajinikanth bat balled villains of a train.
  • Rajinikanth slow ball danced a villain atop a running train.
  • Rajinikanth kneecappd a couple more.
  • Rajinikanth built a dam.
  • Rajinikanth resigned from his Collector job.
  • Rajinikanth threw himself a birthday party.
  • Rajinikanth solved the water issue. And a caste problem to boot.
  • Rajinikanth gave a lecture on religion.
  • Rajinikanth integrated Indians into an India which hasn't even been born yet. Rajinikanth flew a pre-independece flag.
  • Rajinikanth cooked.
  • Rajinikanth made a houseful of guests cry. Rajinikanth saved a dam from being blown apart.
  • Rajinikanth rudraksh-ed a pen drive.
  • Rajinikanth rode a bike.
  • Rajinikanth landed atop a hot air balloon.
  • Rajinikanth bungee jumped.
  • Rajinikanth kicked a bomb.
  • Rajinikanth saved a couple million of people. 

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