Gopichand-SreenuVaitla Combo Film #Gopichand32


Macho Star Gopichand is set to embark on a new cinematic journey under the direction of Sreenu Vaitla, with this project being Chitralayam Studios' Production No. 1, aptly tagged as #Gopichand32. This venture, produced by Venu Donepudi, marks the debut for Chitralayam Studios in the world of filmmaking.  The film boasts a stellar technical crew, including the creative penmanship of Gopi Mohan, cinematography by K V Guhan, and music by Chaitan Bharadwaj. 

Notably, Sreenu Vaitla, known for his prowess in crafting action-packed and commercially successful entertainers, is all set to present 'Macho Star' Gopichand in a hitherto unexplored character. The movie promises to be an adrenaline-pumping action extravaganza, aiming to appeal to both the masses and family audiences alike. Venu Donepudi, driven by a deep passion for filmmaking, launched Chitralayam Studios with the aspiration of delivering high-budget entertainers featuring popular stars. With #Gopichand32 as the production house's inaugural project, the film is gearing up to shoot in captivating foreign locations, promising an extravagant cinematic experience. The regular shoot for this much-anticipated project commences this month.

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