Tasty Teja's Remuneration for Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

The seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu has been capturing the attention and imagination of many viewers. As the days go by, the excitement and drama within the house continue to escalate, providing plenty of entertainment for the show's television audience. With three weeks already elapsed in the season, the contestant facing the threat of eviction is Tasty Teja. Interestingly, he wasn't nominated by his fellow housemates and managed to secure his spot in the competition. However, the show's producers introduced a twist by allowing the judges, including Shivaji, Shobha Shetty, and Sandeep, to select one contestant for nomination, and they chose Tasty Teja.


Tasty Teja, a well-known comedian and host of food vlogging shows on YouTube, is reportedly earning a substantial one and a half lakh rupees per episode for his participation in the show. His earnings are expected to increase the longer he remains on the show. Hosted by Nagarjuna, the show has urged Teja to step up his performance, especially in physical tasks, as he has been relatively lackluster in that aspect. Now, with his nomination, viewers are eager to see if Tasty Teja will manage to survive this week's eviction.

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