Vikram's KARNA - Official Teaser


Karna, the demigod born of the sun god Surya, emerges as the often-overlooked hero in the epic Mahābhārata, with his own compelling tales of an ultimate superhero. He symbolizes generosity, unwavering loyalty, and an unshakable sense of duty. #vikram #vikramteaser. This project is produced by Suryaputhran Karnan under the banner of United Film Kingdom and is written and directed by R S Vimal. The film stars Chiyan Vikram and features Tamil writer B Jayamohan, cinematographer Satheesh Kurup, teaser editors Shameer Muhammad and Amal S Hari, teaser music by Prakash Alex, DI by Mahesh Kesav, and UFK VFX Studios handling the artistry.

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