Anukunnavanni Jaragavu Konni Poster

Introducing Shreeram Nimmala in the role of Karthik in "Anukunnavanni Jaragavu Konni" to the world! As we celebrate Dussehra, this introduction comes as a delightful treat for cinephiles eager to explore this new addition to the world of cinema. Under the creative direction of Sandeep G and the banner of Sri Bharath Arts, this project promises to bring a fresh perspective to the screen. Accompanied by a talented cast and crew, including Kalapala Mounika, Chinna Ram, Ajay GV, and others, "Anukunnavanni Jaragavu Konni" is a production that has fans eagerly awaiting its arrival. With a compelling storyline and artistic vision, this film aims to make its mark in the world of Telugu cinema, and Shreeram Nimmala's role as Karthik is poised to captivate audiences. As we look forward to the release of this exciting project, it's a great way to celebrate the festive season with the promise of remarkable cinema in the making.

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