Head Over Heels Music Video

The full video for "HEAD OVER HEELS" is now available for viewers to experience the enchanting narrative. Directed by Sushanth Reddy, the video weaves a tale of love that soars above all differences and captures the essence of true love.
The cast includes Raman Prince and Gowthami Bojja, who deliver powerful performances that bring the story to life. The music, composed by Shirdi, adds depth and emotion to the narrative. Pranoy Tez takes on the role of producer, ensuring that every aspect of the production is finely tuned to create a memorable experience for the audience. Sireesha Bhagavatula and Saathwik contribute their melodious voices to the project, while Sanare provides the heartwarming lyrics that accompany the story. The publicity design, handled by Dolly D Studio, enhances the visual appeal of the project, making it a compelling watch for audiences. "HEAD OVER HEELS" is a story that showcases the strength of love, transcending all differences and barriers, and is sure to touch the hearts of viewers. The release of the full video promises an immersive experience for those who appreciate tales of love and human connections that know no boundaries. With a talented cast and creative team, this project has all the elements to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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