Katha Kadu Video Song from Yendira Ee Panchayithi - KS Chithra

Renowned playback singer KS Chithra's musical magic graces the latest Telugu movie, "Yendira Ee Panchayithi," with its enchanting melodies. The film features a talented cast, including Bharath Bade, Vishika Laxman, Thotapalli Madhu, Sameer, Prem Sagar, Ravi Varma, Kasi Vishwanath, Vijay, and Teja, bringing to life a captivating story. Directed by Gangadhara T. and produced by M. Pradeep Kumar under the banner Prabhat Creations, this movie holds a unique place in the world of Telugu cinema. Adding to the movie's appeal is the musical genius of Peddapalli Rohith (PR), whose composition in "Yendira Ee Panchayithi" has created an unforgettable soundtrack. As the video song "Katha Kadu" is released on Mango Music, it's clear that this film is set to become a musical sensation in the world of Telugu cinema. With KS Chithra's soulful renditions and a talented ensemble cast, "Yendira Ee Panchayithi" promises to be a must-watch for those who appreciate a perfect blend of music and cinema.

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