Nayanatara's Annapoorani Release Posters

Prepare for a cinematic delight as the acclaimed Lady Superstar Nayanthara graces the screen in her upcoming film, "Annapoorani." The movie is set to make its worldwide debut in cinemas on December 1st, offering an engaging blend of food, fun, and emotion that is sure to captivate audiences.
"Nayanthara has consistently delivered outstanding performances throughout her career, and with 'Annapoorani,' she is all set to enchant her fans once again. The film promises a unique cinematic experience that blends the elements of food, fun, and heartwarming emotion. As one of the most anticipated releases of the year, 'Annapoorani' is poised to be a treat for movie enthusiasts," said the production team, which includes actor Jai, Nilesh Krishnaa, Zee Studios South, Trident Arts, NaadS Studios, and Jatin Sethi. With Nayanthara in the leading role and this talented ensemble of creators, "Annapoorani" holds the promise of delivering a memorable cinematic journey. Mark your calendars for December 1st and get ready to savor the cinematic flavors of "Annapoorani" on the big screens.

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