Srungara Video Song from Aakasam Dhaati Vasthaava

The romantic essence of "Aakasam Dhaati Vasthaava" comes to life through the enchanting "Srungara" video song. This romantic number features Yashwant, Seerat Kapoor, Karthika Muralidharan, and more, and it is bound to capture the hearts of the audience. The film, written and directed by Sasi Kumar Muthuluri, promises to be a visual and musical treat. The song's soulful composition is the work of Karthik, who has skillfully blended melodies and harmonies to create a mesmerizing experience. Sanjith Hegde and Malavika Shankar lend their captivating voices to the track, while Sasi Kumar Muttuluri provides the heartfelt lyrics. With additional programming by Hrday Sunil and Balaji Gopinath, and the melodic touch of instruments like guitars, mandolin, and ukulele by Vijay Joseph, the song is a harmonious fusion of talent. Recorded at esteemed studios in Chennai and mixed by Avinash Sathish, the song is a testament to the excellence of its creators. "Aakasam Dhaati Vasthaava," with its soul-stirring music and talented cast, is a project worth anticipating, and the "Srungara" video song is a glimpse of the magic that awaits the audience.

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