Dr.Shivarajkumar's Ghost OGM's

In the realm of action-packed heist thrillers, Srini's latest creation stands as a testament to one man's relentless pursuit of justice. Notably, this film also serves as a connecting thread to the much-anticipated second installment of the "Birbal Trilogy," where legal thrills await. The ensemble cast, featuring stalwart actors like Dr. Shivarajkumar, Anupam Kher, Jayaram, Prashanth Narayan, Archana Jois, Satyaprakash, and Dattanna, promises to deliver riveting performances that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


Adding to the movie's intensity, Arjun Jaya's striking background scores and the captivating visuals captured by cinematographer Mahendra Simha are set to elevate the film's impact. As the curtain rises on the world of "GHOST," the musical score composed and programmed by Arjun Janya, along with the deft touch of David Selvam on electric guitars, bazuki, and saz, create a compelling auditory experience. Aishwarya Rangarajan's vocals, combined with Kannada lyrics by Chiranjeevi and dynamic chorus by Nishan Rai, add depth to the film's soundtrack. With the inclusion of Tamil and Telugu rap lyrics by MC Chetan, "GHOST" offers a sensory journey that complements the movie's thrilling narrative.

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