Kotabommali PS Teaser

A mesmerizing journey awaits as the teaser for "KotabommaliPS" has been unveiled, offering a haunting and captivating glimpse into the rustic landscapes of Srikakulam. With each frame, the teaser paints a vivid picture of a story that promises to be both intriguing and captivating. The anticipation surrounding this project is further fueled by its impending grand release worldwide, scheduled for November 24th. The film features a talented cast, including the versatile Srikanth, Bunny Vass, Vidya Koppineedi, and more. With direction by Teja Marni and a creative team that includes Varusarath, Bhanu Pratapa, R. Shivani, Rahul Vijay, Jagadeesh as the cinematographer, and music by Madhun, "KotabommaliPS" is poised to be a cinematic gem. As fans eagerly await the film's release, the teaser offers a tantalizing taste of the enchanting journey that lies ahead. Stay tuned for further updates on this spellbinding tale from the rustic lands of Srikakulam.

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