Martin Luther King on SonyLIV from November 29th

"Martin Luther King," a highly anticipated Telugu political satire, is scheduled to premiere on SonyLIV on November 29th, marking a significant addition to the streaming platform's diverse content offerings. Directed by Puja Kolluru in her debut, this film promises to deliver a unique and engaging narrative, shedding light on pertinent societal themes.
The film, a collaborative effort by YNOT Studios, Reliance Entertainment, and Mahayana Motion Pictures, draws inspiration from the Tamil movie "Mandela" and stars Sampoornesh Babu in the lead role. Supported by Naresh, Sharanya Pradeep, and Venkatesh Maha in significant roles, the movie captures the essence of its storyline through their compelling performances. With its music crafted by Smaran Sai and cinematography by Deepak Yaragera, the film is poised to present an intriguing and creative perspective. Puja Kolluru, not only directing but also editing the film, brings her vision to life in this Telugu adaptation of "Mandela."

"Martin Luther King" is set to captivate audiences with its thought-provoking narrative, offering a fresh take on relevant societal issues. Through its satirical approach and engaging performances, the film aims to entertain while provoking contemplation on significant themes.

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