Idhe Idhe Lyrical Song from Hi Nanna

"Embrace the mellifluous vibes of the lyrical video 'Idhe Idhe' from the upcoming Telugu film, 'Hi NANNA,' featuring the dynamic duo of #Nani and #MrunalThakur. This soulful rendition is brought to life by the evocative music crafted by Hesham Abdul Wahab, perfectly complemented by the heartfelt lyrics penned by Krishna Kanth. This enchanting track from 'Hi NANNA' narrates a tale woven with love, an emotion that resonates throughout the movie, promising a captivating experience. Directed by Shouryuv, the film stars the iconic #NATURALSTARNani and the talented #MrunalThakur in leading roles. The song 'Idhe Idhe' encapsulates the essence of the narrative, beautifully rendered by the sensational Hesham Abdul Wahab and narrated through the poignant lyrics by Krishna Kanth. With music that's composed, arranged, and programmed by Hesham Abdul Wahab, this track invites you to immerse yourself in its emotive melodies, setting the stage for an unforgettable cinematic journey."

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