Malli Gadi Mandhu Gola Lyrical song from Black Dog

"Black Dog," the YouTube web series, unveils its latest sensation with the release of the lyrical song "Malli Gadi Mandhu Gola," often touted as the alcohol anthem. With infectious lyrics and captivating music, this song holds the potential to become a viral sensation this New Year. The creators, Fast Light Studio, have meticulously crafted this anthem, ensuring its resonance and catchiness. Under the adept direction of Manish Kumar Alladi, the series promises a unique blend of narrative and music. Krishnudu's music, complemented by the cinematography of Vijay Kumar and Nitesh, sets the stage for an immersive experience. The song's lyrics and vocals, skillfully crafted by Chandra Prakash Chary (CPC), promise to strike a chord with the audience. Featuring a talented cast including Priya, Nitesh, Amarnath, Praveen, and Rithik Thakur, the production by Boys Entertainment Creations sets the stage for an engrossing narrative, elevating the series' anticipation among viewers.

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