Maa oori Polimera 2 Movie Review

The film "Maa Oori Polimera," which originally premiered on the OTT platform Hotstar two years ago, was a massive success, attracting a substantial following due to its spine-chilling horror elements. The initial release of the movie came with plans for a sequel, but this time, the creators aimed to appeal to a wider audience by releasing it in theaters. Now, let's delve into how this film managed to leave an impression.

Cast - Sathyam Rajesh, Baladitya, Kamakshi Bhaskarla Sahithi Dasari, Getup Sreenu, Chitram Sreenu and others
Director - Anil Viswanath
Producer - Gauri Krishna
Music - Gyaani
Banner - Shree Krishna Creations


Jangaia(Baladitya), goes on a journey to locate his missing brother Komuraiah(Satyam Rajesh). Meanwhile, the new Sub-Inspector, Ravindra Naik(Rakendu Mouli), arrives in the village of Jasthipalli to uncover the mysteries surrounding the deaths in the village. Simultaneously, a team from the Department of Archaeology expresses interest in gaining access to an abandoned village temple. While Ravindra Naik attempting to uncover the enigma surrounding Komuraiah and Jangaiah, some startling revelations come to light. It becomes evident that Komuraiah's actions are closely tied to the sealed Lord Vishnu temple and the hidden treasure beneath it. The involvement of black magic adds an additional layer of intrigue to the mystery. "Maa Oori Polimera 2" . Where could Komuraiah be?Did Jangaiah manage to find his brother? Is there a connection between Komuraiah and the temple? The movie holds the answers to these intriguing questions. offers some answers to these inquiries while keeping a few mysteries for the upcoming part 3. 

What did i liked in this film?

One thing that stood out for me in this film is that it stayed true to its genre and didn't rely on excessive special effects or forced horror scenes to showcase its production quality. Just as it was when it was released on an online platform, they kept the same genre by crafting a horror story based on the plot.

I was truly impressed by the dedication that the director put into the script. It's no small feat to introduce new twists in a sequel without disrupting the atmosphere of the first part. The director successfully managed to establish connections between the two parts, which is commendable.

Satyam Rajesh delivered an exceptional performance and fully immersed himself in the character of Komuraiah. He appeared to be the sole actor who gave his utmost effort in the film.

I enjoyed the scene where Komuraiah is encircled by a group of snakes; it was quite spine-chilling. Even though the graphics may not have been perfect, the creative work still succeeded in giving me goosebumps.

The director did a great job of maintaining the suspense and that thrilling element in the first half of the movie. The cinematography also played a significant role in enhancing the visual quality, especially during the night shots.

What i didnt liked?

One of the main drawbacks of the film is its screenplay. While the story itself was impressive, the director seemed to struggle in presenting it cohesively. There were numerous unnecessary flashback episodes, and the repeated use of the same elements felt excessive and might disengage the audience. At times, the focus on flashbacks could lead to confusion about the overall direction of the film.

I found the film's flow to be quite unsettling, primarily due to the numerous flashbacks that disrupted the narrative. These unnecessary flashbacks also seemed to dilute the overall theatrical experience. It appeared as if the director attempted to squeeze a larger story into a relatively small film, and the attempt to leave some suspense for part 3 felt somewhat forced.

I felt that some characters were not well-suited for their roles. Rakendu Mouli didn't quite fit the part of a police officer, and his presence didn't convey the essence of a law enforcement figure. Similarly, the actor playing the archaeologist lacked the look and body language associated with the role. Although Kamakshi Bhaskarla delivered a good performance, she didn't quite have the appearance and demeanor one might associate with an lead actress.

I personally found the sound design and background music (BGM) to be lacking. The BGM didn't effectively enhance the atmosphere in many scenes. For a film in this genre, a more powerful and evocative BGM is crucial in creating a truly horrifying experience.

Towards the end of the film, I noticed a lag in the storytelling, and the gripping intensity that was present in the beginning seemed to dissipate, especially in the second half. The characters appeared to lose their emotional depth, which was a similar observation I had in the first installment. The emotional reactions of the characters in the film, even to the deaths of their loved ones, didn't come across as genuine, and the emotional aspect didn't resonate effectively.

The director seemed to have taken significant cinematic liberties in crafting the script, which occasionally led to scenes where the logic appeared to be compromised.

The director made an attempt to introduce a mystery related to the temple, but it wasn't explored in depth. It felt like a significant element that didn't have a substantial impact on the overall film. It might have added more value to the movie if the director had paid greater attention to crafting those episodes.


In conclusion, I would say that "Maa Oori Polimera 2" is a decent film but not the best. Part 1 had a simpler plot but managed to create a strong horror impact while watching. However, in this sequel, the story is more complex, and it feels like there's a lot to handle in a single film. It's a case where a good story was somewhat undermined by a less effective screenplay. Nevertheless, it can still be considered a one-time watch, especially if you enjoyed the first part. It appears that the director has intentionally left several unanswered questions in this film, possibly setting the stage for part 3. We'll have to wait for the next installment to see how those loose ends are tied up and to uncover the remaining mysteries.

Rating: 2.75/5

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