Etthukelli Povaalanipisthunde - Making Video

The behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of the melodious track "Etthukelli Povaalanipisthunde" offers a fascinating peek into the vibrant moments captured on the sets. With Oscar-winning maestro M M Keeravaani at the helm of this musical journey, the song emerges as a standout melody. Composed by Ram Miriyala and penned by Chandra Bose, this peppy number echoes the vibrant essence of the season. The synergy between the singers, including Ram Miriyala, Kalyani Nair, Padmaja Sreenivasan, Kiran Sravan, and a plethora of talented voices, illuminates the track, resonating with energetic vibes. The intricate musical layers, intricately woven by Rakesh Venkatapuram and the additional programming by Sai Deva Harsha and B. Prasanna, add depth to the song's infectious rhythm. With a mix and mastering touch by Jeevan Babu, the behind-the-scenes footage provides a captivating look into the collaborative efforts and creative fervor that birthed this vivacious musical composition, destined to become a cherished melody of the season.

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